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Happy New Year!!
IDMarinas Jan 2, 2024 5:14:34 PM

Happy new year 2024!!

I hope that this year you will achieve everything you set out to do.

Greetings and happy adve...

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The Legend of Ignis

Divisor de título y contenido
Welcome to The Legend of Ignis, a broser based role playing game, based on Seth Able's Legend of the Red Dragon.
The sky..
The moon Vordus is a waning crescent.
The moon Erela is a waning crescent.
The moon Lurani is a waning crescent.
The current time in Drakos is 0:09.
Next new game day in: 05:57:37 (real time).

The newest resident of the Realm of Draconia is: Visitor tahasolaimangmailcom.

The most recent hero of Draconia Realm: Lady Thea.

Today's weather is expected to be high winds with scattered showers.

The discovery of the "Porta Dracus" portals was a worldwide event. They started appearing one day all over the world. Glowing portals with engraved inscriptions: "Porta Dracus: Terra Automata" and "Porta Dracus: Ignis", but only the "Porta Dracus: Ignis" seemed to be active. This portal leads to the world of Draconia, a world of madmen, and every madman with his theme.

In this realm circulates a legend about an immortal Green Dragon, whose scales are Emerald Green. No one gives much credence to what is told by the few who are able to speak. For they were all found in a pitiful state, with no memory of what happened and smelling of alcohol. A few are able to recall a Green Dragon and insist that the Dragon has a name they are unable to remember.

The visitors from another world, driven by curiosity and recklessness, set out on an adventure in search of the aforementioned Dragon. But they all end up with the same fate, with no memory of what happened. These people seem to be even crazier than the people of the Kingdom itself, as most of them insist on their quest for the Emerald Green Dragon, but what is most surprising is that with each "new encounter", these people seem to grow stronger.

Draconia a world of fiction, a world of crazy people. In Draconia everything has a place. A world not suitable for "sane people".
Start adventure

Start your adventure in the Kingdom of Draconia. Immerse yourself in an adventure of madmen, and every madman with his own theme. Anything can happen in this world.

Continue adventure
Continue adventure

Continue your adventure where you left off. Finish that fight you left half done... recover from a treacherous attack while resting in the fields...

Did you forget your password? Go here to retrieve a new one!

Realm of Draconia: last 5 news
The Draconia poachers have taled a total of 1.302 trees from the forests of Qexelcrag, Romar.
The Draconia poachers have taled a total of 1.964 trees from the forests of Glorfindal.
Lady Thorn has helped 2 children escape from an evil witch in the forest today!
Lady Thea has helped a group of normal elephants in the forest today! How kind!!!
Lady Thea has defeated her master, Yoresh to advance to level 15 after 11 days!!

The Legend of Ignis is an Online browser game, which is constantly growing, things may change from time to time.

Game server running version: 5.5.9 IDMarinas Edition