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Happy New Year!!
IDMarinas Jan 2, 2024 5:14:34 PM

Happy new year 2024!!

I hope that this year you will achieve everything you set out to do.

Greetings and happy adve...

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About Draconia - The Legend of Ignis

Divisor de título y contenido
The Legend of Ignis is based on the core IDMarinas Edition.

The Legend of Ignis is a web-based role-playing game, which means that you can play the game from a modern web browser, without having to install anything on your computer.
It is possible to play from any device that has a web browser, however if you want to play from a smart phone (smartphone), it is possible that the page is not complete, as it is not adapted to such small screens, but from a tablet, you should not have many problems to display the full page.

Since the inclusion of the "Ignis - Modern" theme (in Draconia update 27) the game is adapted to be displayed on small screens, although there are still some things to be polished.

Core version "5.5.9 IDMarinas Edition"
"The Legend of Ignis" Version 0.42.0 Ignis

By Iván Diaz (IDMarinas) - (

Some time ago, I had already administered a version of the game "The Legend of the Green Dragon", between 2006 and 2008. (the domain is not active, at least not by me), in case any of you are familiar with it. That was the domain I used before. At that time, the version I had created was modified to adapt it to Greek mythology. Everything was modified for this adaptation.
At a certain point, I wanted a different game, so I decided that the best thing to do would be to create my own original game from scratch.

If you want to know more about "The Age of the Gods you can visit Blog de La Era de los Dioses
This project is NOT abandoned, it is in a process of restructuring from the ground up, which takes time, and more time for me, to change what I had already changed several times 🤣 but the project is not abandoned.

As time went by I realized that it was going to cost me more than I expected, due to all the changes I was making to the combat system, to the characters themselves .... and I decided to retake "The Legend of the Green Dragon" a game that is already done and I just had to add things, to make it as attractive as possible to people, while retaining its essence of role-playing game for text browser.
For this reason, the game has its own story, to differentiate it from other versions of other developers, and little by little, more options are being included.

Among some of the outstanding features (it has many but these are just a few) are:
  • One of the main differences is that this version uses a stamina system, replacing the turn-based system, to determine the actions that can be performed.
  • It is possible to construct buildings.
  • The bank's gold is not lost when defeating the Dragon. Instead it is lost between 1% and 10%.
  • Achievement system, the game includes a system of achievements, with which you can get rewards for completing them.
  • Unified store, in this version the equipment is purchased at the same place.
  • The character has an inventory system.
  • Collection of resources: metals, wood, plants, seeds and others.
  • A food system for the character, which gives a bonus or penalty depending on the diet (It is a simple system).
It should be noted that the game is constantly being updated and with each update new content is added and other content is updated, as well as bug fixes.

The Legend of Ignis - Draconia version uses additional third party material listed below: